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By request, here is my tech spec page on the system that I built,  It's the first computer that I actually built from the ground up.  The pictures included here are not of good quality --- I'm not a photographer and they are slow loading.
I have also included links to the manufacture/place of purchase
(they also have better pics) <g>

Motherboard = ASUS SOCKET A  A7V KT133
Processor = AMD 1.0 GHz  200 MHz  FSB
Power Supply = Enermax - EG451P-VE
Harddirve = Western Digital, model # WD300BBRTL
DVD Drive = Creative Labs 12x w/PC-DVD Encore Dxr3
Other CD Drive = Yamaha 16/10/40 Rewritable-Recordable
Other Drive = Basic 3.5 floppy
Sound Card = Creative Sound Blaster Live
Graphics Card = Creative 3D Blaster Annihilator 32meg DDR
Case = Cube Server Case
Fans = (1) Globalwin FOP38 w/heatsink  -  for processor
Fans = (2) Blue Orb's w/heatsinks
Fans = (2) Sunon's 42 cfm 80mm, (2) Sunon's 36 cfm 60mm
Memory = Generic,  pc-133    256 mb

Monitor = [leftovers] - Gateway2000 VX900  17in. viewable
(planing on upgrading this also to a flat lcd monitor)
Mouse = Microsoft "Intellimouse Explorer"  {this is a nice mouse}
Keyboard = Logitech Internet Keyboard [programable]
Speakers = Logitech SoundMan X2
Modem = 3Com® HomeConnect® ADSL Modem PCI
Webcam = 3Com® HomeConnect® PC Digital WebCam

Operating System: Windows ME
Internet Browser:  IE 6 {beta version}
Mail Handler: Outlook Express 6
ISP:  BellSouth

A couple of notes