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The modifying of the case was nessary so as to accommodate the two extra 60mm fans in the back, with this and placement of the two Blue Orbs and the Globalwin FOP38 took my processor and board temp and dropped it 40 degrees, yes I had a nasty heating problem.  My average temp now doesn't exceed 47C / 116F on the processor and that is overclocked to 1.3 GHz.

The experimenting and NOT paying attention cost me 1 harddrive (original was an IBM Deskstar, 160.oo) not bad but this really did hurt, not only the wallet but all my data, 2.7 gigs worth not including loaded software and stuff lost.  A lot of tech files, articles, test results and so on.  So remember to pay attention or you will pay with your wallet and lots of time.  Want to know what I did? ---- It was a wire that slipped and it hit the drive and shorted it out -- poof !,  some sparks, flash of blue light then that was it.

Do keep in mind, by building your own system, you can save a thousand or more dollars, but you are very limited on tech support/warranty.  And the answer is no, I will not build one for you.  Simply because I don't want you calling me at three in the morning because you deleted something or didn't load a driver properly or someone used the CD drawer for a cup holder -- yes -- this has happened, then there is my wife, any questions?

I have had no formal education in building my system or these webpages.  Everything has been done through trial and error and time ( 2 years ).  Started with an old Tandy..... for those of you that don't know what that is, well your blessed.  My education came from reading articles in magazines and then surfing the internet at various sites.  Then just playing with software, making mistakes and learning from them.

The links that I provided here in this section will give you a nice start.


Thank You for visiting and be sure to visit the rest of my pages.

Mr. C.