The Renaissance Market

Now this was an interesting experience that I repeat every year now.  For the first time I went to a festival were there were no drunks stumbling around, gang bangers wanting to intimidate and rob you, no drug dealers hanging around or some moron trying to pick up my wife or someone else's.  And if you are about to get married and want something really different and memorable,  you can make a reservation for your ceremony and party.
And the other neat part was no litter laying around!  Where is this wonderland you ask? It's at the.........


The merchants that I have listed here, I personaly met and have seen their wares, listened to their music and in some cases watched as they made the items they sell.  And the real facinating part is most of them create - fabricate the items the old world way, by hand, before machines and assembly lines.


Please note, I do not receive any kind of  payment or special favors from any one related to or affiliated directly or indirectly for any promotions on these pages in regards to the TRF or the merchants that own the banners herein.

I am doing this to provide different ideas for fine family entertainment and a chance to experience a little history, music, food, drama, comedy, magic, art, gifts and so much more.