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Word Play

What is an Oxymoron?

Oxymora are literary figures of speech usually composed of a pair of neighbouring contradictory words (often within a sentence). However this is not always the case. The Webster Dictionary defines oxymoron as "a combination of contradictory or incongruous words".

Oxymora can be used for dramatic effect, for example: Hell's Angels and deafening silence. They can also be comical, such as in civil engineer. Clearly this is not an oxymoron in the true and strict sense, but the suggestion that it is oxymoronic is humorous.

Others have quite acceptable meaningful uses in English, but, when analysed word for word, contain contradictions. Examples include almost perfect, clearly misunderstood, and pretty ugly.

This is an Oxymora,

Read the paragraph below. On the surface it makes sense, but deeper down you will find it is full with contradictions (highlighted in blue). These are oxymora. If, like us, you find such paradoxical phrases irresistable, then you've come to the right place.

Ever noticed that it's
simply impossible to find seriously funny oxymora online? The only choice is to ask one of those paid volunteers at the library - the ones in the long-sleeved T-shirts - for an original copy of some obviously obscure documents that were found missing amongst some paperwork almost exactly one hundred years ago.

And you thought I was kidding! ------ well here are a few more that I hope that you will find amusing as I did.

larger half, clearly confused, act naturally, alone together, found missing,
deafening silence, seriously funny, living dead, old news,Synthetic natural gas,
free with purchase, almost exactly, genuine imitation, exact estimate,
12 OUNCE POUND CAKE ( 16 ounces = a pound ), new classic. 

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