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Now are you familiar with this?  Some are not aware that this is something they are doing.  It's following too close to the vehicle in front of you or stopping too close.  This is very dangerous for you and those around you, be honest with yourself, if you have trouble seeing, get your eyes checked.  If your eyes are fine, then pay attention .... the general rule is to keep at least one equal space distance between you and the vehicle in front of you ( one car length) while stopped.  And one for every ten (10) mph.  This gives you enough time to stop in case of an emergency.  And if you get hit from behind you stand a better chance of less injuries and not hitting the person in front of you and saves you from possibly getting a ticket and maybe even sued.

NOW the rule for following a semi-truck, dump truck, garbage truck, you got the idea yet? If you can't see the driver's mirror's, that driver can not see you!  That simple.

And most large trucks, jeeps and some older vehicles have a tendency to "roll" back some after stopping and then starting up an incline (up hill).  So keep some distance, it's a lot safer and smarter.

This is not safe, the truck could roll back into the car,  or someone could hit the car and cause a chain reaction.  And with some trucks, the driver would not be able to see the car behind him/her.  Besides, your not going to get their any faster like this

This is Tailgating  (following too close)

What?  You didn't see the tree pull up all it's roots and jump out in from of the car?!  Those suicidal trees are just a menace these days.

The scene below is not only safer it is legal! ( NOT following too close) Now this is not at excessive speeds either.  Not more than 30 mph.  But the faster you are going the more distance there should be between you and the person in front of you.  Now there is enough time to stop in the event of an emergency (as long as your paying attention).

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