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An imminent love affair ~

Darkness and light ----
Each one relentlessly pursuing,
enticing the other endlessly,
forever , always ------


The time was here, then it went,
      another lifetime foolishly spent.
Dreaming dreams of other things,
      rainbows, clouds and dreams on wings.

Nothing to be done with children's lore,
      dragons and fairies to love and adore,
      frogs and princes lost and gone,
      the wizards magic second to none.

Where did they go, the hopes of the past?
      None are here now, for children don't last.
      We all had dreams, then we grew old.
      Our dreams past on for our children to hold.

The Castles and Gardens
  The Stars in the sky
    Again we can see them
      In the Smile Of A Child's Eye

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