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7th President:  Andrew Jackson
Years in Office:  1829 -- 1837  ( 8 yrs )
Party: Democratic
Vice Presidents: John C. Calhoun,  Martin Van Buren
First Lady: Rachel Donelson Robards Jackson
Year Born: 1767
Year Died: 1845  ( 80 yrs old )

Andrew Jackson was the fiery - spirited son of poor Scottish - Irish stock who grew up on the frontier of the Carolinas going barefoot and resolving differences with his fists.  At 13, he joined the American Revolution with his brother Hugh, who was killed in battle.  The next year, he and his brother Robert were captured.

    After stints at school teaching and saddlemaking, Jackson undertook the study of law in North Carolina and within two years he had set up his own practice.  He was then appointed attorney general of Tennessee and headed west to take his post. 

    In 1795, Jackson helped draft a constitution for Tennessee.  When it became the 16th state the following year, he was elected its first representative to Congress.  Elected senator in 1797, he became spokesperson for the West.  Financial setbacks forced him to resign after a year, but he was soon back on his feet as a justice of the Tennessee Superior court.

    In 1815, he was commissioned a major general in the regular army and was a successful leader.  He ran for president in 1824 and received the highest number of electoral votes that was thrown to the House and elected John Quincy Adams.  He finally won the office in 1828.