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42nd President: William Jefferson Clinton
Years in Office: 1993 -- 2001 
Party:  Democrat
Vice President: Albert A. Gore Jr.
First Lady:  Hillary Rodham Clinton
Year Born:  1946
Year Died:  no data

Bill Clinton, born in Hope, Arkansas, took the town's name to heart and grew up hankering to share it with the rest of the world.

    He was active in student government in grade and high school.  He majored in international relations at Georgetown and worked part - time for Senator William Fullbright.  He attended Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship, then forged ahead to Yale Law.  He practiced and taught law in Arkansas.

    In 1978, he was elected Arkansas' youngest - ever governor.

    His campaign for president was trouble - riddled and embittered, as he defended himself against accusations that he dodged the Vietnam draft and had engaged in extramarital affairs.  Then the saxophone - playing,  barbecue - eating candidate really went to work, embracing economic renewal and reduction of the defense budget as president.

    Despite his opponent Bob Dole's strident attacks on both his record and personal character,  Clinton won re - election hands down in 1996.  Not even the multiple investigations into his questionable business dealings or other allegations could sink him.