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28th President: Woodrow Wilson
Years in Office:  1913 -- 1921  ( 8 yrs )
Party:  Democrat
Vice President: Thomas R. Marshall
First Ladies: Ellen Louise Axson,  Edith Boling Galt
Year Born:  1856
Year Died: 1924  ( 68 yrs old )

Revered for his unswerving leadership during World War I,  Woodrow Wilson was far and away our most - educated president.  He graduated from Princeton, studied law at the University of Virginia and political science at Johns Hopkins.

    He joined the faculty at Bryn Mawr, moved on to Wesleyan and published an acclaimed textbook on comparative government.  Returning to Princeton as a professor of political economy, he wrote nine more books. In 1902, he was selected Princeton's president.

  Wilson served as governor of New Jersey, where he initiated progressive reforms.

    Elected in the presidential race of 1912, he concentrated on labor and welfare.  He sponsored far - reaching legislation in regard to agriculture and the railroad and shipping industries and oversaw the adoption of two constitutional amendments - the 18th (prohibition) and 19th (women's suffrage).

    Wilson tried to remain neutral in the war in Europe, but when Germany resumed submarine operations in 1917, he had no choice but to ask Congress for a declaration of war.