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13th President:  Millard Fillmore
Years in Office:  1850 -- 1853  ( 3 yrs )
Party:  Whig
Vice President:  NONE
First Lady:  Abigail Powers Fillmore
Year Born:  1800
Year Died:  1874  ( 74 yrs old )

Millard Fillmore inherited the office of the presidency when Zachary Taylor died in office, and he proved a competent, level-headed leader.  Though personally opposing slavery, Fillmore stood on middle ground when it came to the issue of slavery.  He felt the issue was simply not worth a civil war.

    At age 18, Fillmore took learning into his own hands and joined a public library and bought a small dictionary with the intention of looking up the meaning of every word he read but did not understand.  He later worked as a country schoolteacher and went to work for a Quaker Judge. After passing the bar in 1823, he set up his own practice in a small town near Buffalo.

    By 1828 he was a delegate to the New York Assembly, and four years later he was elected to Congress.  He was the Whig nominee for governor in 1844 but was caught between pro- and anti- slavery forces.  In 1848, the Whigs turned to the conservative Fillmore to balance the ticket of Zachary Taylor.  He inherited the office in 1850.

    Fillmore sought the re-nomination of his party in 1852 but was passed over.  He ran instead as the nominee of the Know-Nothing Party in an attempt to reconcile the North and South.  After is defeat, he finished out his time a president of the Buffalo Historical Society.